An Underwater Garden




Amazing isn’t it? What you Ask? I go deeper than the beauty in this picture and ask you about the beauty of the true picture life. What is it really to you? What can you tell me about life that you know to be real because you just know it. That nothing on earth could make you think otherwise, well if you haven’t felt something like this before than you you haven’t felt the belief in you own faith. So i ask again what is life to you? how are you doing in life in your eyes?  More importantly is your being in a harmonious balance and be real because your only hurting yourself. in the words of an old friend i quote “figure it out” in the most friendly way. 🙂 Until next time may peace and love be with you in all vibrations you send and receive.

Yours truly,



KING RoD & Frico Suave




Sunday September 23, 2012


        A flash from the past, things you wish to be forever never last. No matter how hard you fight against the tide of change know when you look at it, the more things change the more they stay the same. No matter what keep ya head up and a smile on at all times, and above what stay on the grind to your dreams and destiny. Here’s to you doing what you to feel to obtain your happiness.

T.G.I.F(Thank God Im Fresh/Thank God It’s Friday)




T.G.I.F x2 Read the title and you see what i mean. Theres so much more to be thankful for all you need to do is open your eyes and see. Its starts with education which leads to understanding and this gives you the ability to do Anything you feel that makes you happy and support all others who do the same. Back to friday though is this where your weekends or does it begin today? some take no days off on their journey to success,how do you do it? For me and mines we just learn do us and be happy by any means friday through friday, December through december.

Life is (Y.O.U)YourOwnUnderstanding,



The Life & Times (Vol.1)




Thursday September 20, 2012

What is life to you? Where do you see yourself Tomorrow?,Or next month?, What about next year? I’m not trying to make you do anything beside what it is your already doing, all i ask is that you educate yourself on whatever it is you wish to do to the fullest extent of your ability, so you may be able to enjoy your activities to maximum possibilities but your gonna do what you wanna do and so am I, if you ever need an example of doing you and being happy in the most educated way watch me KING RoD LuVe. I give a lot of my opinion, perception, and knowledge through the outlets of multi media i use which are music, video, and fashion.

      Be on the look out for The Life of RoD EP debut solo music Project, this offering is Real and 100% Un Guided Soul.