T.G.I.F(Thank God Im Fresh/Thank God It’s Friday)




T.G.I.F x2 Read the title and you see what i mean. Theres so much more to be thankful for all you need to do is open your eyes and see. Its starts with education which leads to understanding and this gives you the ability to do Anything you feel that makes you happy and support all others who do the same. Back to friday though is this where your weekends or does it begin today? some take no days off on their journey to success,how do you do it? For me and mines we just learn do us and be happy by any means friday through friday, December through december.

Life is (Y.O.U)YourOwnUnderstanding,



The Life & Times (Vol.1)




Thursday September 20, 2012

What is life to you? Where do you see yourself Tomorrow?,Or next month?, What about next year? I’m not trying to make you do anything beside what it is your already doing, all i ask is that you educate yourself on whatever it is you wish to do to the fullest extent of your ability, so you may be able to enjoy your activities to maximum possibilities but your gonna do what you wanna do and so am I, if you ever need an example of doing you and being happy in the most educated way watch me KING RoD LuVe. I give a lot of my opinion, perception, and knowledge through the outlets of multi media i use which are music, video, and fashion.

      Be on the look out for The Life of RoD EP debut solo music Project, this offering is Real and 100% Un Guided Soul. 


Progress Is a SLOW process.

In this dimension that we live; actualization is slowed down for the benefit of the universe in everything in it. For if we where to  actualize everything we wanted immediately the world would not be a fun and less enjoyable and inhabitable than it it is today. So I feel all we can do is Educate ourselves and From the there do whatever it is that makes us happy by any means, life is your own understanding educate yourself to find that. I say these words as an inspirational reminder that when times get rough and the road ahead seems uncertain and you are surely weary from travel; Lean unto Faith(YourOwnUnderstanding). Also that Everything Truly Happens For A Reason, much vibrations and good vibrations too you.Image