Progress Is a SLOW process.

In this dimension that we live; actualization is slowed down for the benefit of the universe in everything in it. For if we where to  actualize everything we wanted immediately the world would not be a fun and less enjoyable and inhabitable than it it is today. So I feel all we can do is Educate ourselves and From the there do whatever it is that makes us happy by any means, life is your own understanding educate yourself to find that. I say these words as an inspirational reminder that when times get rough and the road ahead seems uncertain and you are surely weary from travel; Lean unto Faith(YourOwnUnderstanding). Also that Everything Truly Happens For A Reason, much vibrations and good vibrations too you.Image

G.U.S(Give Unguided Soul)


That guy to the left of me is the best of me, my brother Gus The Kushmen Kurber. Forever and always i will be by your side, because i know you will always be by mine. Every day i live is for you everything i do is for you.

And everyone in my life that i love and hold dear to me you are the reason for my drive,will,and passion to be the person i am 

Do You Be Happy



Early Thursday

Man Life’s a Trip you have to do things you dont want to get where you need to go. Even if it means losing the ones you love the most, but really if the love was real why was it lost. who knows..not me nor do i offer any answer all i plead with you to do is educate and inform yourself on history and make your own choice on what is right for you. with that said, everyone is different and whats right for one may not be right for all, so i beg plead and ask For you all anyone man, woman, or child especially children to do what you feel is right fo you to do inside and pursue your happiness at all times. for in doing that the world will be set free.




You are beautiful,perfect,and right where you need to be. All you can do in this world is educate yourself and do what you feel. It is all important to figure out you are by yourself and for yourself, after that all is a journey and test Y.O.U are a creation of something beautiful and higher than yourself pursure your beliefs at all cost.

Do You Be Happy