I don’t have time for anymore-blank pages, no more every thing happens for a reason. Tomorrow brings promise as long as I make it, then tomorrow will give me much opportunity all I need to do is stay ready & go the extra mile in every thing that I do. Life is a contradiction this way & and that way at the same time. What are we to do? We are to do what we feel to make ourselves happy, sorry for the legibility of my writing on the real I’m faded life is crazy, life is funny; I need to change this situation I am in. Not even I need to change myself I need her she is my wife, my family I need 50 Gs to go back with I need to drive to her dorm in a stripped camareo planning is essential, will & self discipline are the answer to reaching unconditional love. Every thing happens for a reason, she needs life without me fuck I miss her I need to pray I need GoD. Is it the alcohol or my brain that made me write this page, man I’m sad-but positive in my sadness is one thing I am. I want my soul mate, I want my one and only I hope she is looking for me like I am looking for her GoD is Good praise the lord he is…….