Life is short passing by in every instance, but in the age in which we are living we have the means to preserve it and pass it on, in every faucet. How will you choose to be remembered? What will you pass on to future generations? Time is passing by at all times & speeds, what will your legacy be? For me I would like for appreciation to be associated with my life. I have more things than most have to appreciate and I would like to think I have played a part in some of things for which I appreciate the opportunity and blessing. As for those things I have and which I have played part in, they are much more than things my other half of three years Sara, my family, my career opportunities & talents. The best part of everything is i am only 21 & while I myself feel I have wasted time I have much more to go. SO with that said I’m off to go appreciate life before it passes me by & I hope you do the same, and realize that time flys when your having fun.
Much Love
Good Vibes
~King RoD


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