My thanks to Y.O.U.

The most love and greatest vibrations to all who have read, liked, & re-blogged my wordpress. I have reached 879 views in one year with no media recognition before i started this blog titled The Life Of RoD, I started this blog at first to give my fans, luvers, & supporters a chance to get closer to myself little did I know that almost 150 post later I would be firmly on the struggle of understanding. My evolution in life had reached all of my works and paths, I have taken up the cause of spreading understanding to all and letting all know as soon as possible that life is what you make it, Your Own Understanding, and that you must do what you feel to become happy to truly realize what that understanding is. but this passage is about thanks, my thanks to you! The reader of this and many of other things I say, without you I would be nothing and I hope that you stay by my side and let your voice be heard as we struggle toward our understanding, Much love and good vibes and peace unconditional to all.

~King RoD