The three foundation points to Your Own Understanding

The points of attaining Your Own Understanding are self-Education, support & Unconditional love. You must first teach yourself who you are, what you feel, and why you feel that way, how you are gonna navigate this plane of living called reality and place called the world. Secondly you must gain support from your world around you. Once you have figured who you are, how you fit in the world & what it’s about you can gain support for who you are, and what you are doing. With the knowledge and support you now have you can show the most love and greatest vibrations possible because you have attained Your Own Understanding and know that the world is filled with more differences and varieties than you will ever see or think off. The most love and greatest vibrations to those reading this I hope this message helps you in this place we’re in.

~King RoD


Afraid of Fear

Much love and good vibes!

THE MIND OF RD REVILO, The Blog (& Podcasts) 4 BLACK Men

  • Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr, a baby
  • His kidnapping, famed by his father, the Aviator
  • Who, fell, under the spell of, hating the Fed
  • And loving a Teutonic Dictator
  • Paid the ransom, but baby was found dead
  • Hauptmann pleaded innocence until he died
  • In the electric chair, he was fried
  • Today, behind walls, bodyguards
  • The famous and infamous hide
  • Now bullet proof vehicles are the Rave
  • A four wheeled cave, for the fearful Brave
  • Prombron Iron Diamond, $1.2 mil each
  • Gurkha F5 $450,000, Mercedes G-500
  • And the costs will go well beyond reach
  • For Hollywood, Athletic money comes in spurts
  • Not a steady check, for most, not constant work
  • But their fears are growing exponentially
  • As the Gap, between have and have-nots expands
  • Mania, paranoia pressure security demands
  • Will try to ease their fears, in Mansions
  • Alonethey live, afraid of growing envy, Jealousy
  • Harboring inherent grumbling hostility
  • Seems Bruno…

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