Afraid of Fear

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THE MIND OF RD REVILO, The Blog (& Podcasts) 4 BLACK Men

  • Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr, a baby
  • His kidnapping, famed by his father, the Aviator
  • Who, fell, under the spell of, hating the Fed
  • And loving a Teutonic Dictator
  • Paid the ransom, but baby was found dead
  • Hauptmann pleaded innocence until he died
  • In the electric chair, he was fried
  • Today, behind walls, bodyguards
  • The famous and infamous hide
  • Now bullet proof vehicles are the Rave
  • A four wheeled cave, for the fearful Brave
  • Prombron Iron Diamond, $1.2 mil each
  • Gurkha F5 $450,000, Mercedes G-500
  • And the costs will go well beyond reach
  • For Hollywood, Athletic money comes in spurts
  • Not a steady check, for most, not constant work
  • But their fears are growing exponentially
  • As the Gap, between have and have-nots expands
  • Mania, paranoia pressure security¬†demands
  • Will try to ease their fears, in Mansions
  • Alonethey live, afraid of growing envy, Jealousy
  • Harboring inherent grumbling hostility
  • Seems Bruno‚Ķ

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