Rockie Fresh, Nacho Picasso, Gift Uh Gab, Left Brain, all in the same month, I would definitely say it was a noteworthy November! One year ago today I released my first video W.O.O. I now celebrate a year In this crazy music industry with more hard work, Ÿ.Ø.Ū. Clothing is nearing a critical point, Ÿ.Ø.Ū. Volume 1 has been pushed back, while Ÿ.Ø.Ū. Films is catalyzing the message we are spreading which is Do Ÿ.Ø.Ū. Be Happy life is Ÿour Øwn Ūnderstanding. The most love and greatest vibrations to Ÿ.Ø.Ū.

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