Ÿ.Ø.Ū. Clothing X-Mas Sale


Right now at Ÿ.Ø.Ū.com there is a X-Mas sale going on. Come and shot with Your Own Understanding for the holidays and find prices Chris Kringle would be proud of. The most love and greater vibrations to all the lovers, haters, helpers, & supporters of the movement. Last but not least happy holidays!


Right now at WWW.YouMedia.Bigcartel.com there’s an Xmas sale going on come get your holiday priced Ÿ.Ø.Ū. Gear #MuchLoveGoodVibes #DoYouBeHappy #Movement #Fashion #Art #coalition #holidaydeals #sales #discounts #free #picoftheday #upandcoming #seattle #washington #everett

King RoD The headliner


Sometime early in 2014 King RoD the voice and face of Ÿ.Ø.Ū. Multi Media has agreed to headline his first show somewhere in his hometown of Everett, WA. This is a glorious day for all young independent & interdependent people all over because as we all know king RoD is a walking contradiction of needing it all and nothing at the same time. But with this milestone crosse of the list of success the gap that has separated many is one step close to being bridged. Just watch ŸØŪ will see. Much love and good vibes y’all!


Available on I-tunes for 7.92 or Reverb nation for free The Life Of RoD Ep

The Life of RoD Ep on ITunes

The Life Of RoD Ep on ReverbNation


Hard work pays off! Congratulations and much love and good vibes to the voice of you and he’s recent booking to headline a show in his hometown of Everett, Wa Date & Location coming soon! #Headliner #Music #Movement #TheLifeOfRoD #doyoubehappy #muchlovegoodvibes #everythinghappensforareason (at in the Northwest)