The Life of RøD story

One summer day my family was on the way home from a camping trip to Lake Havasu, AZ upon our arrival to our home in Compton, CA we witnessed all of our belongings being thrown out we were being evicted for non payment of rent. My parents had failed to cover their ass and it cost my family. My father had just recently quit his job that he had held for ten years at Midas mufflers putting massive pressure on my mother who had recently been hired to work for the county of Los Angeles. We moved from the 2 bedroom house on Elm & Sloan to a Compton housing project called The Manners located behind the famous Compton Fashion Center aka the Compton Swapmeet. This was a weird situation not the worst I’ve been in but the weirdest I knew something bad had happened but I wasn’t sure, all I wanted to know was when could I go home to see my Dog OX that day never came. As the days continued to pass and I realized I would never see OX again or play in my backyard things started to changed for me….


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