The life of RøD story

The reason I’m writing my life story in this way are multiple. For one I don’t have the time to write the full story in one sitting, for two you wouldn’t read it all in one sitting. Lastly hopefully you will do the same, or something similar. So to continue where we left off I am 8 newly moved & seeing life very differently than I did. I was developing a conscious beginning to process life, & gaining my own opinion. At this point in my life I was a very confused boy. I had already had sex at the age of 5 actually with a family member even more embarrassingly. What this did to me was very traumatizing I thought it was ok to look at every female in a sexual way. This was reinforced when it continued to happen with different family members, and to give you a picture of my situation my brother, cousin and I were the youngest in the entire family. So I was always the younger in anything I did. I will not say I was molested I will not count these experiences in my sexual history but it majorly affected my development and the way I looked at women for a long time. Not to mention I had to deal with this problem on my own I knew that what I was doing was wrong, I knew I would get in trouble so for this I never told anyone, I never even spoke of the deed afterward I literally locked it away and went to play. So from the ages of 5 to 8 I had sexual encounters gradually moving away from the family members to girls in the world. I found myself sneaking looks and copping feels, actually thinking that this was ok. I was basing all my relations with females on how sexual they were. Before the age of ten I seen sex as the only important thing to do with women. This is my fault I should have said something but would it have been more than a ass whooping and banning from the family? To be honest I lived in a very sexually charged atmosphere where most males only valued women for sex. In essence I was saved by the universe when I had to became homeless. How did I become homeless? Well one rainy day my father is getting dressed to leave and work on a car he says. I would always go with my dad to work on cars always no matter what but this day when I ask if I could go, he answered me “Not this time I’ll be back with chili cheese fries.” Remembering back and how happy that made me I know I was innocent still totally ignorant to why my dad went to work on a car with no tools and promised food. He didn’t come home that night, or the next, or the next, he was in jail he had been caught steeling a car most likely to go commit a robbery. My mom Bailed him out I’m  sure this was why we had to leave the manners and move to my grandma Mary’s. Life was upside down and the world was on top of me. What happens next you won’t believe.


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