The time to change is now. The time for waiting is over. Everything happens for a reason & it’s time to make a difference. Do you know that world in which your living in? Do others really matter to you? Our world is dying and it’s needs our help. Especially Generation Y 18-33 we need you now. It’s finally our turn to drive to have control of the wheel and we need to pull over and fix our ride. We must leave better people for this world which has nurtured us from our appearance on the scene. If you believe that life will work itself out and you don’t have anything to do with this problem you are wrong and you will pay for this just as those of us who will give every thing to change our current world will pay as well. If your reading this you have a choice and the revolution has come to you. Will you take a stand or will you be stood on? As for me & my team we will be standing on the front lines living, fighting, & dying for change. Much love & good vibes to you whoever you are. You have a decision to make GoD speed.


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