The life of RøD story

My dad was released from jail, my mother, sister, brother, & I were staying in Lemiert park with my oldest sister Lashawn. When my father was released from jail my sistet told us we could not stay there anymore and we began to live in the astro van that my family acquired. Times were hard the worst ive ever experienced, I contemplated suicide often at the tendor young age of 8 I wanted nothing more than to go away from this place that had hurt me. We moved into an abandoned apartment and began squating in September of 2000. My family was together but we were struggling times were hard and my weed habit was growing along with my depression. One California winter night we were pulled over on Crenshaw near Inglewood and my father was jammed up by the LAPD for not having tags but they cut him a break because he had a family with him. He had court the next day he was going to go to jail and he had a decision to make leave us again or make a run for it, he chose the latter and he relocated to Washington State where our story will resume and we will get more into the lof RøD story.


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