Sara Pea

I am in love with this girl, her name is Sara Pea. She is skinny with freckles and has some of the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. The most beautiful thing about her is her heart it’s one of the biggest I’ve ever known. Once upon a time she made me her king and gave me a throne. Not made from material good but emotion & energy. So if it takes forever so be it, I will show my love what she meant to me. And no matter what happens it always feel like she’s my girl. My mom told me it’s cause I’m her universe and she’s my world. I don’t know why I’m writing this, Since we haven’t talked in months but I figured still out of anyone you would know where I’m coming from. I won’t write a novel even though their your favorite read, I just wanted to let you know that you are all I need. You know how to reach me if you need me, please know ill always be here. Seeing ad We still have some business in Madagascar my dear. This passage is about my soul mate the person god made for me. We all have one I just want the world to see.



The way I support myself in this time and age is through Multi Media, being that I work in more than one Media industry. Those industries are film, fashion, & music in which I have roles on both the administration & operation sides. The reason Im writing this is to let you know that I’m not rich but I’m comfortable. I would rather be living week to week making movies, clothes, & music than living week to week bagging groceries, though I wouldn’t mind volunteering at a grocery store once a week, but if your reading this know that I have made myself this way. First by self education, the knowledge I gained from teaching myself helped me gain support for who I am, enabling me to show love in what I do unconditional. So just know if you see me the only reason why I own my own company is me. I decided to take the leap of faith and so should you, it’s worth it Much love good vibes.


Do You Be Happy

There is only one you. Yes there are people who are very similar to you in many ways but there is still only one you. In the world of nearly 7 billion people you are the only one who will every walk in your shoes. You are unique, special, important as we all are. We all 7 billion of us have talents, & gifts to give the world, The time is now to realize that.

I cannot tell you what your talent is or what gifts are, only you can do that. These intangibles I speak are invisible only know to those that followed the feelings, emotions, & situation to gain them. Just because something is unexplainable doesn’t meant it’s not real. Just because you can’t measure it doesn’t make it fake. In this time we live in you must teach yourself to follow your heart with your mind, through education, with the proper support anything is possible. Unconditional love for all is a real goal if you find your own understanding & do what you feel to be happy. Much love good vibes friends.


A introduction of Ÿ.Ø.Ū.

You may know who I am, you may not, but whatever you know of me know that I’m here to spread much love good vibes, & peace unconditional. I am 22 years of age, I am American, & I want all of you to have Your Own Understanding. I wish for every person to be self educated, supportive & supported, & unconditionally loving. I believe that this will create a more progressive, positive, & productive atmosphere for the world. Allowing us to claim our utopia, and to forever pursue happiness with joy. I have created a multi media company called Y.O.U. Multi Media, Y.O.U. short for Your Own Understanding. The company specializes in film, fashion, & music to spread the message of Your Own Understanding, which is based around six principles. Self Education, support, Unconditional love, positivity, productivity, & progressiveness. I have no doubt in my mind that in the age we live in with the resources & technology we have at our fingertips it’s is our duty to grow, in our potential, in our journey, towards each other, & together. I made it my goal, duty & responsibly along time ago to serve humanity in the cause of love which is understanding & acceptance. To who ever is reading this I thank you for your time and wish you the most love & greatest vibrations in all that you do every day in every way.


Make a choice

We the people of the richest society in the world need to change. You would have to be completely ignorant to not see that we are living in a broken system. We need to escape this preoccupation that we are in, stop being so comfortable with the brokenness as long as you escape it, again you would have to be ignorant to think you can just scrape by and even if you some how do what kind of life is that? In this passage I am talking to the youth and those who were never accepted by the majority. The time is now to self educate you must teach yourself, & know yourself In order to gain support this is the only way you can give support. From the understanding you have given your self and with the support you have you should be able to show much love & good vibes.



So my father lost his job because of a previous post that I put up. While it is public record once I put the post up is it right for my father to lose his Job based of what I said? While it is legal for an employer to do what my fathers employer did was it right for them to take his job, now making him one of billions with out a secured income? If his employer had bothered to read more about me they would have known that my father needed this job. I was simply telling my life story and I’m now responsible for my father losing his job on his birthday of all days. While his employer will never contact me for me to confirm or deny the details of my post they find it morally right to punish my father for past deeds. Well what kind of moral is it to visit my website take only the bad things and go with it. What kind of world are we living in? Why is this ok? I am just a 22 year old young man trying to live a good life with what I have & at every turn I run into a obstacle that was put there to keep people like me from ever succeeding. This isn’t a race thing it’s a understanding thing. If you are reading this you need to understand it’s not right to take the good with out the bad. We as a people need to give up a pursuit of perfection in anything other than food. We need to realize what we have in our hands. Time is running out and if we don’t change now then there will be nothing for the future. Stop waiting start doing.




I was doing some soul searching last night and came across this great song. Imagine by John Lennon this song really helped me, I hope it does the same for you. Music always seems to bring me up when I’m down. Some say it’s the language of the universe and sounds are the alphabet, well if that’s true I hope this song gives you the most love & greatest vibrations. Please enjoy

Thoughts on life and Eli Rodger

Hey just wanted to talk to you guys for a bit about the events that’s happened Friday night in Santa Barbra what happened was truly crazy and unfortunate. My heart and condolences go out to the families that lost life. This is a tremendous tragedy and I would personally give anything to reverse it. I have no clue why this his hitting me so hard maybe because Eli Rodgers was 22, maybe because he did the most selfish thing while he was looking for love. I have no clue why this young man made a decision of this horrible magnitude but I know what it means to me. It means we as a society need to intersect on a more educated,supported, unconditionally loving level. There is no way should have happened and I mean no way, In the day and age in which we live the amount of technology at our finger tips, with the power to connect us all there is no way this young man should have felt low and lonely enough to commit this atrocity. He was obviously blind to the fact the you cannot love anyone until you love yourself first. Also after reading his writings he obviously had no support because of this poor education of self making it impossible to show anything but unconditional hate. We as a human people need to realize that we live in a shared reality and we all have far greater importance & impact on the world than we know and the moment we choose to become the change we wish to see then the sooner something will happen. We live in utopia and we need to start treating it and ourselves as such. If you are reading this and things aren’t as you wish they would be know you are the key it all lies in what you see. Happiness is no destination but a continual pursuit and you must develop your own understanding to stay positive, productive, progressive in that pursuit I hope all is well and this reaches someone in need in time of great trouble much love & good vibes my friends.