The Life Of RøD story

Shortly after my fathers incarceration my mother received a ten day notice forcing her to make a decision of where she would take us. I believe she made both the scariest and best decision of her life, she followed GoD. They say The Lord works in mysterious ways and that he is always watching us and making the plan. Looking back I don’t know what or who I would be if my mom had not choose to move 26 miles north of Seattle, Washington to a city named Everett in order to be closer to church.

My father had been in jail over a year now & we were going to church religiously. I was now 12 years old, over weight, & in love with GoD whom I had meet when I was 8. Unfortunately I was still smoking weed but with my mom working non stop, & with my father in jail there was no active monitor or parental figure for me. School was hard everything from making grades to making friends I wanted it to bad. I never didn’t worry about things and my perception was the things that made me this way. I had very badly wanted a girlfriend oh boy did I. Then I seen her, this beautiful, skinny freckled face girl named Julia. I was so afraid to talk to her, and I honestly thought we would never connect then one day something crazy happened she said hi to me and we became friends this would change my life forever


The Life of RøD story

Upon my arrival in Seattle it was raining. I had no clue what to expect, I knew it would be cold but I’ve never experienced that cold. We were staying with my cousin Brian his mother, & father. In a 2 bedroom apartment just outside Seattle to the south 15 minutes. Now that I think about it I don’t even remember thinking about coming back when I got there I thinks it’s because I knew what was going on, I knew my father was on the run from the law. Me and my brother where enrolled at hilltop elementary and my sister was enrolled in Tyee highschool with my cousin Brian. This was a very interesting time in my life I was yearning for normalcy and for a place in this world. I started to gain weight and my teeth which were never perfect began to get worse.My father was on the run from authorities in California so he had to keep a low profile. This was very hard for him to do seeing as he was using & selling drugs and not able to get a job because of his fugitive status. One morning he dropped us off at our school bus stop in his cousins van. He did not know that there was an A.P.B. on the vehicle because my cousin nick had been using the care for illegal activity. So as my bus traveled by my home I was witness to my father being arrested my brother lost control and tried to get of the bus I tried to stop him he began to hit me. The bus driver tried to break up the fight he began to hit him. This subsequently resulted in my brother not being able to ride the bus. My father was going to prison, that night I cried harder than I ever had in my life. I knew my family would never be the same.