What is right? 
We spend our whole conscious lives asking ourselves what is the right thing to do. The ever present right & wrong is with us all, at every moment affecting us at every possible decision. What are we to do about this if we are to every to truly figure out what is right from wrong? 
I believe that if we simply educate ourselves to who we are, and how we feel that we can find our place and connection in the world. What I mean by this is with self taught knowledge we can truly figure figure out what is the ultimate right for ourselves. Now of course their are undeniable truths about life on this plane of existence but within those truths none can deny the million facts & fictions we all come across daily. What I’m saying that acceptance of these undeniable truths such as gravity, or poverty with knowledge of yourself and the world firsthand will give you all the tools you need to live a very exciting, joyful life. 
How does one begin to gain knowledge on ones self by asking questions. The more questions and curiosities you answer about yourself & the way of life you live the more knowledge you have. This will allow you to gain support in crucial areas of growth giving you the ability to support others. Simply as Pythagoras put know thy self and all questions shall be answered. Much love good vibes you who is reading this hope all is well. Peace unconditional. 


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