Thoughts on life and Eli Rodger

Hey just wanted to talk to you guys for a bit about the events that’s happened Friday night in Santa Barbra what happened was truly crazy and unfortunate. My heart and condolences go out to the families that lost life. This is a tremendous tragedy and I would personally give anything to reverse it. I have no clue why this his hitting me so hard maybe because Eli Rodgers was 22, maybe because he did the most selfish thing while he was looking for love. I have no clue why this young man made a decision of this horrible magnitude but I know what it means to me. It means we as a society need to intersect on a more educated,supported, unconditionally loving level. There is no way should have happened and I mean no way, In the day and age in which we live the amount of technology at our finger tips, with the power to connect us all there is no way this young man should have felt low and lonely enough to commit this atrocity. He was obviously blind to the fact the you cannot love anyone until you love yourself first. Also after reading his writings he obviously had no support because of this poor education of self making it impossible to show anything but unconditional hate. We as a human people need to realize that we live in a shared reality and we all have far greater importance & impact on the world than we know and the moment we choose to become the change we wish to see then the sooner something will happen. We live in utopia and we need to start treating it and ourselves as such. If you are reading this and things aren’t as you wish they would be know you are the key it all lies in what you see. Happiness is no destination but a continual pursuit and you must develop your own understanding to stay positive, productive, progressive in that pursuit I hope all is well and this reaches someone in need in time of great trouble much love & good vibes my friends.