So my father lost his job because of a previous post that I put up. While it is public record once I put the post up is it right for my father to lose his Job based of what I said? While it is legal for an employer to do what my fathers employer did was it right for them to take his job, now making him one of billions with out a secured income? If his employer had bothered to read more about me they would have known that my father needed this job. I was simply telling my life story and I’m now responsible for my father losing his job on his birthday of all days. While his employer will never contact me for me to confirm or deny the details of my post they find it morally right to punish my father for past deeds. Well what kind of moral is it to visit my website take only the bad things and go with it. What kind of world are we living in? Why is this ok? I am just a 22 year old young man trying to live a good life with what I have & at every turn I run into a obstacle that was put there to keep people like me from ever succeeding. This isn’t a race thing it’s a understanding thing. If you are reading this you need to understand it’s not right to take the good with out the bad. We as a people need to give up a pursuit of perfection in anything other than food. We need to realize what we have in our hands. Time is running out and if we don’t change now then there will be nothing for the future. Stop waiting start doing.


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