Doesn’t it feel good to be rich.

It feels good to rich doesn’t it? It feels good to have running water, electricity, a mother that loves me, & a girl to win back. It feels good not to be subject to killing other human beings just to live, It feels good to be free. If your are reading these words you are intelligent, you can comprehend. I’m here telling you if you are reading these words you are rich my friend. Oh you may have expenses you wish you didn’t but at least you don’t have to search miles a day for water to keep living. In fact you just go to the faucet and get some and you still complain about that when people in Africa, China, & Brazil have water that’s black. Speaking of BRAZIL! The World Cup will be there in a few weeks, I wonder what will happen to all that money that the poor people won’t see. Forget about the money they won’t even see the game only hear about results from crowds chanting names. As for us in the US we’ll be watching Lebron as he fights for a place on the sports Parthenon. Whatever you do after this please know that you will die if your life doesn’t grow. Time speeds up Einstein said so, but you will never know if your moving slow. I don’t say speed up but go at your pace, go as fast as you can win your race, be extravagant live large and in charge but now you have better than a lot by large so next time you wish your live was over just think about that 8 year old that has to be a solider. Make change be love spread energy abundant, much love good vibes peace eternal.


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