Life sandcastles

Realization and acceptance are amazing things they should be taught from birth. Things I have realize to accept have never hurt me but only helped me in the long run. Every thing will be alright, instant pain comes and goes but peace is ever lasting. Just to know what I’m capable of and who I am calms me in the face of any adversity. I feel truly loved by the universe to only be 22 years of earth age and have this knowledge I have. To know life is about love not work, time well spent not time well wasted. It’s scary to many people that I know, they know I’m different but they can’t place their finger on me. They know I’m no bum but they know I’m no business man, they have yet to see I’m a simply a natural human being living in my natural environment being natural. I am untamed by society and it confuses people that I can be so happy doing it and it’s supposed to make me miserable. I say to my brothers and sisters who are perplexed by my lifestyle take a moment and think about this why build a sand castle how someone tells you when the tide will wash it away anyways meaning this life is temporary and yet we live as it will never end, and as the tides wash away sand castles time washes away life so I say build your sandcastle how you want the sun will be setting soon.





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