King RoD opens for Gavlyn at The Whisky Go Go

Come see me open up for Gavlyn September 17th at the world famous Whisky A Go Go. At 7:00pm be there and experience the voice of Your Own Understanding spreading the message of much love & good vibes. Call (818)809-5954 for tickets or visit The Whisky A Go Go presents Gavlyn for online purchases. This event needs your support so if you are near 8901 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood 90069 come show some love. Thank you so much for reading this I hope all is great in your life.



I started this site based off two reasons, a recommendation from a good friend and the want to communicate with people. I’ve been at it for two years on and off and it’s definitely given me an outlet through which I can give my opinion whether or not anyone is listening. I hope that everyone who has visited this site has received some sort of insight on me and how I think. From the things that I have been through I have come to understand that we as humans are special beings meant to transcend, for no matter what you believe in isn’t transcendence the end goal? Don’t you wish to become a higher version of yourself or enter a higher level of reality at some point? While I’m only 22 I believe that I have experienced a lot in the short time I have been alive, from homelessness to comfortability to jail, now to living my dream moment to moment spreading the message of Your Own Understanding. It brings me great joy to be doing something that makes people aware of themselves in the deepest way possible. Much love & good vibes to you.