My Wife, My Soulmate, My Unexplainable love. 


 She does whatever I want

I do whatever she tells me 

I am her King 

She is my queen 

Together we are royalty. 

To the ends of the earth I go for her

To the end of the world she waits for me time and place cannot harm our union which lives in infinite eternity. 

My muse, source of my greatest inspiration somehow the love GoD gave me conquers any temptation. One of a kind, my love is the prototype for the stereotype Prince Charming, my life is the blue print for happy ever after, and it’s because my world which I am the universe to, it’s because of my wife who is the desire of all men a text book perfect ten a butterfly that started a caterpillar and while she is a beautiful vision it is her soul that makes her the inspiration to all women. From head to toe inside and out confidence radiates from her. She is the strongest person I know. Her love is nurturing. She comprehensively understands her duties to existence. The queen of the universe, love, and life is my wife and some how I’m number one on her list still.

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