The Struggle For Y.O.U. pt 2

Love your struggle

Life is hard, every human struggles, but only a few human beings ever make it to a point of being content with struggling. Being content with struggling is a place where it is understood that nothing is given and everything is earned. A very small number of human beings can even make it pass the point of just being content with their stuggle and become entrenched in enthusiasm by developing a struggle within a struggle to get better at their struggle because they know how the possible outcomes of this journey could effect your life and the life of other people around you for the better. This all revolves around your social status for some one struggle would be a burden and another struggle would be ideal. Life and its circumstances are all hinge on perception, so however you see your life depends on the conditioning of your brain your education and surroundings. This is why it is important to self educate yourself on yourself so when be your struggle comes you will be 100% committed to overcoming the obstacles to your success in your specific situation. In order to gain the best support for yourself you must know where you fit in in order to build your foundation of interdependence in this small world that is all about who you know. When its time for you to show some love you wilk be around the right people. Most of this life is illusion and the best times you wilk have will probably be alone so teach yourself to love your grind, love your early mornings and late nights, hard work for no pay; because in those moments your true charecter shows and the better you get at being in those in those situations perfect timimg wilk hit you when your least expecting it and you won’t look back.

Stay Humble, Stay Y.O.U.


King RoD

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