T.G.I.F. Life is Precious

This doesn’t make sense

It’s not smart

Poorly calculated

This what I would hear

My life

Through out it all

I believed that in the end

I would find peace

My whole life has been

A game I’m behind in

But I still keep a crooked smile

I just knew

The game

Would see me through

And it has

I am truly thankful

For the people

Who have taken the time

To help me comprehend

My circumstances

They tried there best

But still I bump my head

Hard heads

Make soft asses

That is a fact

In the game

In which I was raised

I was taught

To as your Told

But I rarely did

As they say

The many mistakes

Of mine

Have wasted

So much time

I feel I robbed

Myself of my

last breathe

in my


Of Happiness

I have lost

Things I never knew

I would possess

But more importantly

It’s the people I let down

Who I wish I had more time


Through all my bullshit

The watch me grow


And get up again

After telling me over

And Over

Life is a gift and curse

The more you make it better

That harder it makes you work

To the readers of these words

Keep going! Don’t give up!

You are worth it

I thank you for time

much love and good vibes

Best Regards,

King Rodney

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