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Thanks for visiting the site, I hope all things with you are alright. Just know everything happens for a reason and nothing comes over night thank you for still being on the journey with me and never forget you can be anything you want to be.

Time Dont Wait

Can’t wait to long For opportunities That can pass you by Rolling away like tears From they eye Put your childish doubt aside And Chase your dreams No matter the size Know there is never anything but your will by your side and you can only build it by going through tough situations that make you want to quit and cry but just know you cannot Replace time with money or will with pride.

Stay Humble. Stay Y.O.U.

Best regards,

King RoD

The Viper Room

If your in the LA area come out and see King RoD perfrom at the WORLD FAMOUS Viper Room on Tuesday October 24th, 2017 with special Guest Miscasstelle who will be doing a live painting.

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Thank you for reading, hope to see you there.

The life of RøD story

Inglewood, Ca is where we pick up on our story. This is the part of my life when I discovered marijuana, well I wasn’t alone in this aspect of discovery my brother who is 17 months younger was my partner on this adventurous discovery. My first encounter with weed was April 4th, 2000 I was 7 soon to be 8 in May my brother was only 6. The strand of weed we smoked was called OCK Orange County Kush I felt like I was floating but that crash came down suddenly when my brother was getting beat for being high. He had gotten caught and it really sucked but was I supposed to say beat me too? I should have but never did.  So what did I do I just got along while getting high, at 8. The outside world had no clue or care, simply because I was quiet, I didn’t bother, or bug. My parents were very deep in drugs at the time and seem to not care about my drug use or even notice. My father went to jail again leaving my mother to take care of the whole family, my grandma kicked us out leaving our family on the streets moving to motel to motel. My mother asked my grand father for help and he told her to give us up for adoption. Life was not ok. It was not fair. It was wrong. Then out of no where the universe acted….