Time Dont Wait

Can’t wait to long For opportunities That can pass you by Rolling away like tears From they eye Put your childish doubt aside And Chase your dreams No matter the size Know there is never anything but your will by your side and you can only build it by going through tough situations that make you want to quit and cry but just know you cannot Replace time with money or will with pride.

Stay Humble. Stay Y.O.U.

Best regards,

King RoD


Life perplexes me I’m so many ways. The thoughts I have would disturb many, but what disturbs me is the thought I have that most other people think like me. I deeply feel that most people feel trapped and they have no way of doing anything about there situation. In here to tell you that there is. You can do whatever you want to do I mean anything, only if you believe that you can do it. Most tragedies happen due to lack of understanding, knowledge, & education. As one who knows first hand what this can cost, I ask you teach yourself to who you are, what the world is, & how you fit into it as soon as you can this will help you greatly on the path to Your Own Understanding. Much love good vibes y’all. Peace unconditionally


Do Y.O.U. Be happy

Life is here it is now, and it is time to be happy. The most love & greatest vibes to all may peace unconditional be with you. I am writting this in hopes that it reaches the right people, the right person and they see this as a beacon of love and understanding and I wish your journey be filled with bliss & happiness



King RoD LuVe on Sound Cloud.

King RoD LuVe on Sound Cloud.

These are my sounds on Sound Cloud Come check me out hear some good music and if all goes well find the way to Your Own Understanding. Everything happens for a reason and in this life you must do what you feel to become happy that is all. Much love and good vibes to you whom is reading this, you are essential to the the change and revolution, thank you for the support you have given me it has helped me more than words can explain and i will never stop leading the way Y.O.U(Your Own Understanding) until the day i die. I leave you with this a journey of a 1,000 miles starts with one step. This may be that step.