Time Dont Wait

Can’t wait to long For opportunities That can pass you by Rolling away like tears From they eye Put your childish doubt aside And Chase your dreams No matter the size Know there is never anything but your will by your side and you can only build it by going through tough situations that make you want to quit and cry but just know you cannot Replace time with money or will with pride.

Stay Humble. Stay Y.O.U.

Best regards,

King RoD


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E.T.H.F.A.R (Every Thing Happens For A Reason)

In this lifetime on this plain of existence the laws of the universe are set so that every thing happens for reason. Moments, meetings, opportunity are not predestined but created by everyone of us. Energetically we all give presence to the things that happen in our world, whether we know it or not and whether we decided to do something about what we see is also a responsibility all our own. Every thing is connected inside and out meaning health is a universal goal not only should the 5 senses we can measure be exercised and kept healthily working but even the ones we can measure the senses that are mysterious. How do we find these mysterious senses and make them healthy the first step is self education, you must know yourself and the rest will become known. The most love and greatest vibrations to all who have read this peace unconditional.

~King RoD



I haven’t written to you all in a while, so I decided to write you something. Life is like luggage it’s better with help, & time is like a great Ferris wheel spinning around and around. So with that said have company on the ride be with those who drive you, those who cherish you, those who are headed in the same direction. Realistically all I’m saying is don’t be alone and don’t make others lonely, meaning be present in all activities, all duties, all areas of life and fill it with your presence do not shy away from your calling. Happiness if for everyone of us it is our opportunity and responsibility to seize it.


The Life Of ROD


Not even one full year of serious music and it seems as if it’s real, a show in Hollywood, an opening slot for Dead Prez only good has come from serious pursuit of my dream. I only hope I am being the best example of doing what one feels to be happy by any means in the most progressive, positive, productive way possible…

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Ÿ.Ø.Ū. Music
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Y.O.U Party Preview

It’s party, a Y.O.U party take a look at a King RoD and The Y.O.U crew maybe come join next time and find Your Own Understanding. Shout out to Sir Dre Gos behind the cam thank you for wathing this thank you for all the Luve you have given me.

~King RoD LuVe

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