Almost famous

What up? I know it’s been a while since the last post but I have really need the time to grow. Somethings have changed sons have stayed the same, but one thing is for sure I am almost to fame. People don’t know my name everywhere I go yet but the energy society gives me is one of admiration and respect. Truth be told up next. See you at the top..

Best regards,

King RoDney

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The Life Of RøD story

Born May 13th in LYNWOOD, Ca to Lisa & Rodney Lomack. The name I was given was Rodney Wayne Lomack Jr, I just so happen to come in this world a Meir 2 weeks after the famous Rodney King Riots and coincidently I lived as a baby in the epicenter of the chaos in where the incident happened Los Angeles county. My parents were doing alright from theirselves well enough to provide for a 5 year old girl and baby boy(myself) and have function drug and alcohol addictions. I remember finding makeshift aluminum foil crack pipes in the kitchen junk drawers on Saturday afternoons and the smell they had is one I’ll never forget. The way my parents would act when high off these drugs were odd. My father would become very mellow and laid back, the tone in his voice becoming very soft and low. While my mother would clean veraciously and as you would say tweak at times and turn the tv down and listen closely to the silence, for up to 30 seconds at times. By the time I had these memories I now had a little brother by the name of De’Andre and with the preoccupation of childhood I was blessedly ignorant to my situation and blissful in it. Even with my parents problems they managed to take good care of me and my two siblings. They were encouraging and loving to me they sustained a environment that allowed me to grow as human being and individual. I was the top of my class in kindergarten and first grade. I was very enthusiastic about life and education. I told my parents I wanted to be president of the United States and they supplied me with a children’s book informing me on how to do so. I still remember to this day receiving that book and how it made me feel. I was so happy and I felt so special and loved, it is defienetly one of my fondest memories of childhood. Up until the age of seven I can truly say I had a great childhood trips to Vegas every October for my brothers birthday, new toys & candy every day so much I had to have all my teeth capped I was Compton rich kid I though money grew on trees and every day was my birthday. But they say you never know what you have until it’s gone and the fall is faster than the rise. Suddenly it seems like all in one day I went from whatever I wanted to barley surviving….