Every Thing Happens For A Reason

When you woke up this morning did you expect to reading this? Did you expect today to go as it did? I know I didn’t expect to be writing this, nor did I expect to meet the person I meet today. To be honest I almost didn’t go, I almost turned back at the last moment reasoning to myself that it wasn’t that important. Then something happened I got a call from a very important person in my life more than a brother more than a friend we discussed things of old and I felt I helped him as he always helps me in our conversations. He helped me realize that I as a young man has been through a lot of growing & developing to become the still unfinished product I am today & at 22 being late for a job meeting at the Avalon Burbank crystal meeting room with a young company looking to spread much love & good vibes. He made me realize that being late and skipping thing were so 2012, and the time is now to show growth. So I triumphantly made my way to this meeting of destiny that I’m sure will change my life.

What I’m trying to say by all this is if you reading this it’s by no chance. Nothing is, for every thing happens for a reason & by living in the now and choosing the reasons for which future things will happen(Growth) then the past truly has no meaning other than memories which serve to help you create your future. Shine your light, spread love in abundance because we create our reality. Much love good vibes.



Haven’t wrote in a long time but I guess now is as good a time as any. This girl sitting next to me is really pretty I would even say beautiful but & there is that but that I hate I cannot bring myself to say anything I would really like to but in this day & age it is rare to meet people of any sort due to society & the way things have become. I wonder if she will ever get to read these words she inspired I hope so, I hope one day a man loves her perfectly as I wish for all people. But as John Lennon I am a dreamer & I’m not the only one. I don’t know what the rest of my life will hold, all I know is I’m going to live everyday from now on looking to learn & experience new things because if I don’t I will not grow, I will miss out on things to share with the world. Yes I will face sadness, heartbreak, & loss but happiness, love, & truly living life are worth it. Much love good vibes.



Take whatever you want

Whatever it is you want to do, do it. Self educate yourself, gain support, & show unconditional love in that task to the fullest of your own understanding and you will be the best that you can be. It doesn’t take schooling, money, talent to know what you want, all it takes is focus to believe and truly see yourself living out your dreams. Never again doubt yourself simply do research and believe that you will find guidance and one day show unconditional love in every thing you do all from simply wanting something truly and sincerely. I leave you with this you can have anything you want in this world but you cannot have everything. Much love good vibes.



Peace and belief.


Just wanted to spread some love to you today! If you are reading these words then you have been chosen by the universe to receive this message, this message is of eternal peace in pursuit to give you the most love & greatest vibrations. I hope all is great with you, I hope your mind is in a place where you can receive these words with openness and belief. You are great in every way that you are, everything about you is perfect these words are true and sincere. Treat your self with the love you show the world believe you deserve everything you want, life is going to open up to you soon open and give you all you have ever desired, all you must do is believe.



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