Hi Again/Sunday Refeltion 

  The Life Of RoD Ep
Hey there, to the readers of these words if you have been wondering where I’ve been, I’m here to tell you I’ve been right beside you wondering also. I just turned 23 the other day and I must say it didn’t feel like my birthday to be honest I felt more like a step toward death, I felt time fleeting me and I truly felt at a lost for my most valuable possession, pondering seconds, minutes, & hours I would never get back or learn from to profit for the experience I gained either from Alcoholic blackout or drug incoherence stoping me from changing my paradigm and growing in my situation. THEN. OUT OF NOW WHERE! Calmness gripped me and realization reached my mind through all my faults & mistakes I was still alive. 

The fact that I was breathing meant anything was still possible…

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