The journey

This realm, this existence, this journey relies on you & your own understanding. For you give yourself all perception. You either agree or disagree to accept things rather they be societal or personal the final decision on what you will do lies within you. So with all that being said how will you do things? What will be your choice? What knowledge do you have of your options? The time is now, no longer can we let this decision be made for us. Much love & good vibes to you the reader until next time peace unconditional.

~King RøD


ThrowBacks Northwest 5 Year anniversary

In only 3 days! 1205 E Pike St Seattle,Wa it’s going DOWN. 11am~11pm %50 off in store and online purchases! With a party starting at 7pm, which will include performances by King RoD and other northwest MC’s. Drinks will provided, gift bags will be given away, and I forgot to mention it’s free! This is definitely and event not to be missed! Much love and good vibes to all see Ÿ.Ø.Ū. There!


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2000 plays on SoundCloud!

Oh happy day! finally after so much hard work and support my stream on Sound Cloud has reached 2000 plays. hopefully with your help and support I can reach 3000 before october! If you have not yet please give my music a listen for free on sound cloud, come feel the love and vibrations! Thank you so much for the read!

My Stream on Sound Cloud


Please enjoy much love and good vibration to all don’t forget to visit Y.O.U. Media for all merchandise and things King RoD and Your Own Understanding