Almost famous

What up? I know it’s been a while since the last post but I have really need the time to grow. Somethings have changed sons have stayed the same, but one thing is for sure I am almost to fame. People don’t know my name everywhere I go yet but the energy society gives me is one of admiration and respect. Truth be told up next. See you at the top..

Best regards,

King RoDney

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The Life Of RoD episode 2 Season 3 (An Introduction to Y.O.U)

King RoD LuVe Is welcoming you in for another glimpse into The Life Of RoD. From the CPT to the EVT no matter what no matter where he is searching for Y.O.U(Your Own Understanding) and is inviting anyone who wants in to come along. Much Love and good vibes enjoy the episode.
-King RoD Luve