A introduction of Ÿ.Ø.Ū.

You may know who I am, you may not, but whatever you know of me know that I’m here to spread much love good vibes, & peace unconditional. I am 22 years of age, I am American, & I want all of you to have Your Own Understanding. I wish for every person to be self educated, supportive & supported, & unconditionally loving. I believe that this will create a more progressive, positive, & productive atmosphere for the world. Allowing us to claim our utopia, and to forever pursue happiness with joy. I have created a multi media company called Y.O.U. Multi Media, Y.O.U. short for Your Own Understanding. The company specializes in film, fashion, & music to spread the message of Your Own Understanding, which is based around six principles. Self Education, support, Unconditional love, positivity, productivity, & progressiveness. I have no doubt in my mind that in the age we live in with the resources & technology we have at our fingertips it’s is our duty to grow, in our potential, in our journey, towards each other, & together. I made it my goal, duty & responsibly along time ago to serve humanity in the cause of love which is understanding & acceptance. To who ever is reading this I thank you for your time and wish you the most love & greatest vibrations in all that you do every day in every way.



Your Own Understanding.

Your Own Understanding.

What is life to you? How do you see things in the world? What are your judgements based on? Do you consider yourself to have an individual train of thought that adds to a collective being or do you take your views from the collective being becoming a embodiment of what already is? No matter how you see or what you think the times is now, to choose what you do? Will you choose to think and act on your own to effect the the system or will you do as your told and embody the broken way of life we have now.The choice is now yours. For those willing to invest in themselves and their own understanding the shirt above is offered as a uniforming article of clothing for others to identify you with the struggle of pursuing Your happiness by any means that feel right to you. There are only 33 available in the whole world and each is meant for a special owner, an owner that will push this revolution of understanding to their last breathe with me. It is more than music, it is more than clothes and deeper than film it is the birth of a culture. Which side are you on.

-King RoD Luve