I was doing some soul searching last night and came across this great song. Imagine by John Lennon this song really helped me, I hope it does the same for you. Music always seems to bring me up when I’m down. Some say it’s the language of the universe and sounds are the alphabet, well if that’s true I hope this song gives you the most love & greatest vibrations. Please enjoy

King Rod – Vans Warped Tour Battle Of The Bands

This year I have the chance to perform the Vans Warped Tour, & I need your votes to get there. If you have ever heard my music than I would hope that you know why I make music & understand the message behind it. I do not curse in my music in order for it to reach as many people possible, while my subject matter is still broad & scoping I wish to be able to articulate my Ideas in a politically correct but fully real understandable way. So if you could take 5 minutes and give a young guy with a mind for change that would be amazing with the most love & greatest vibrations to you I give thanks for your reading of this.



The most love and greatest vibes to and from the Ÿ.Ø.Ū. Coalition hope to see you at our Pre-Funk! #seattle #pike #picoftheday #real #rap #live #show #success #emraldcity #epoftheweek #kingrod #JKey #BryceBowden #blessed #love #listen #hiphop #free #food #fashion #giveaway #music

If your reading.


Hi my name is King RoD, founder, C.E.O. And employee of Ÿ.Ø.Ū. multi media. My whole purpose is to let you know that life is full of possibilities and it is everything you make it out to be! For the rest of my time here on earth I vow to be a prime example of what it means to do you and be happy, while spreading much love and good vibes. Thank you for reading this and please feel free to check out the Links below.

The Life Of RoD Ep

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