Almost famous

What up? I know it’s been a while since the last post but I have really need the time to grow. Somethings have changed sons have stayed the same, but one thing is for sure I am almost to fame. People don’t know my name everywhere I go yet but the energy society gives me is one of admiration and respect. Truth be told up next. See you at the top..

Best regards,

King RoDney

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King of the new WAVE

Much love and good vibes to you who are reading this, I truly do thank you for taking the time to visit this site. With that being said the new WAVE is here. The time for negativity has gone away and the people in the world are going to start spreading unconditional love everyday in every way. Now this doesn’t mean an eternity of flowers, hearts, and teddy bears what is does siginal is people doing all that they do with true care for themselves and life of every form all around them. Below is the promo video for my next show at Los Globos in Los Angeles Ca, on SUNSET BLVD! I will be featuring MISS Casttelle who will be doing a live painting of her interpretation of the night during my set. At the end of which will we auction of the work of art 

Welcome 2 America

Click the link below to watch the visual for the song Welcome 2 America by King RoD. Directed by Dre Lomack shot in Los Angeles, Ca this video was meant to be a show of effective mismanagement. something that had more holes than Swiss cheese but still had the same feeling  of the supple dairy product. This video sucks but the meaning is great if you can see it. So take a journey and look between the lines of a bullshit foundation, what do you see?

Watch Welcome 2 America

Thank you for taking the time to view this post, may the most love and greatest vibrations of life be with you!

Stay humble. Stay Y.O.U.

-King RoD

Doesn’t it feel good to be rich.

It feels good to rich doesn’t it? It feels good to have running water, electricity, a mother that loves me, & a girl to win back. It feels good not to be subject to killing other human beings just to live, It feels good to be free. If your are reading these words you are intelligent, you can comprehend. I’m here telling you if you are reading these words you are rich my friend. Oh you may have expenses you wish you didn’t but at least you don’t have to search miles a day for water to keep living. In fact you just go to the faucet and get some and you still complain about that when people in Africa, China, & Brazil have water that’s black. Speaking of BRAZIL! The World Cup will be there in a few weeks, I wonder what will happen to all that money that the poor people won’t see. Forget about the money they won’t even see the game only hear about results from crowds chanting names. As for us in the US we’ll be watching Lebron as he fights for a place on the sports Parthenon. Whatever you do after this please know that you will die if your life doesn’t grow. Time speeds up Einstein said so, but you will never know if your moving slow. I don’t say speed up but go at your pace, go as fast as you can win your race, be extravagant live large and in charge but now you have better than a lot by large so next time you wish your live was over just think about that 8 year old that has to be a solider. Make change be love spread energy abundant, much love good vibes peace eternal.



The way I support myself in this time and age is through Multi Media, being that I work in more than one Media industry. Those industries are film, fashion, & music in which I have roles on both the administration & operation sides. The reason Im writing this is to let you know that I’m not rich but I’m comfortable. I would rather be living week to week making movies, clothes, & music than living week to week bagging groceries, though I wouldn’t mind volunteering at a grocery store once a week, but if your reading this know that I have made myself this way. First by self education, the knowledge I gained from teaching myself helped me gain support for who I am, enabling me to show love in what I do unconditional. So just know if you see me the only reason why I own my own company is me. I decided to take the leap of faith and so should you, it’s worth it Much love good vibes.


What I’m doing.

If you ever see me, hear about me, or meet me I’m writing this to give you an explanation of who I am and what I’m doing. I am king RoD the founder of Ÿ.Ø.Ū. Multi Media a company that manufactures film, fashion, & music to spread a message of self education, support, & unconditional love in the most positive, productive, progressive way & the benefit of all these things is your own understanding and with that you will be able to do you & be happy truly live a balanced joyous fulfilled life. Much love good vibes to you the reader peace unconditionally


Help me sale 420 copies of The Life Of RoD Ep by 4/20/14

Hey guys!

My Ep sales are on the floor I need your help to get them to the celling! Purchase my Ep fromI tunes digitally for only 7.92 and help me reach my goal of 420 copies sold in 30 days! Much love good vibes my people the link is below.

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Vote For King RoD to play The Hard Rock Cafe Seattle

5 days into the Hard Rock Cafe campaign and we are at 22 votes and counting! We would just like to send a special s/O to all that have voted and hope they are receiving the most love and greatest vibes on this Saturday! We hope those reading this who haven’t voted will help us in out effort to fulfill our mission of spreading the message of Your Own Understanding in ways at levels never before seen. This has been a long three year journey and we would like to thank all who have aided us on our road. The most love and greatest vibrations to all participation and giving energy to this contest! We would like to thank the source of the universe for giving us this opportunity! lastly we cannot forget The Hard Rock Cafe of Seattle for opening it’s doors and putting this opportunity out there in coordination with the best indie music site in the world REVERBNATION.