The life of RøD story

Inglewood, Ca is where we pick up on our story. This is the part of my life when I discovered marijuana, well I wasn’t alone in this aspect of discovery my brother who is 17 months younger was my partner on this adventurous discovery. My first encounter with weed was April 4th, 2000 I was 7 soon to be 8 in May my brother was only 6. The strand of weed we smoked was called OCK Orange County Kush I felt like I was floating but that crash came down suddenly when my brother was getting beat for being high. He had gotten caught and it really sucked but was I supposed to say beat me too? I should have but never did.  So what did I do I just got along while getting high, at 8. The outside world had no clue or care, simply because I was quiet, I didn’t bother, or bug. My parents were very deep in drugs at the time and seem to not care about my drug use or even notice. My father went to jail again leaving my mother to take care of the whole family, my grandma kicked us out leaving our family on the streets moving to motel to motel. My mother asked my grand father for help and he told her to give us up for adoption. Life was not ok. It was not fair. It was wrong. Then out of no where the universe acted….



Bad from good, good from bad. Sad from happy, happy from sad. As sudden or faster then it seems we ourselves make these transitions daily. Unknowingly and with more ferocity than a Anderson silva kick or a punch from Mike Tyson, we go from the top of Mount Everest to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. How are we to address this? How are we to make a way to understanding of this process, and all other processes of human existence that still to this modern day of technology perplex us? Exploration is the answer. We need brave souls, with strong consciousness to explore these realms of transitions and all other unexplained normal phenomenon in life in order for us as a human race to gain at least understanding of ourselves. I will live my life as an example of these words above and spread the message that will enable others to do the same and things in this manner if they so chose. At the utmost understanding of a comprehendible measure will given to any and all who take the true time to listen. Much love and good vibes to you friends & may your life be filled with peace.


King RoD The headliner


Sometime early in 2014 King RoD the voice and face of Ÿ.Ø.Ū. Multi Media has agreed to headline his first show somewhere in his hometown of Everett, WA. This is a glorious day for all young independent & interdependent people all over because as we all know king RoD is a walking contradiction of needing it all and nothing at the same time. But with this milestone crosse of the list of success the gap that has separated many is one step close to being bridged. Just watch ŸØŪ will see. Much love and good vibes y’all!


Available on I-tunes for 7.92 or Reverb nation for free The Life Of RoD Ep

The Life of RoD Ep on ITunes

The Life Of RoD Ep on ReverbNation


Y.O.U Party Preview

It’s party, a Y.O.U party take a look at a King RoD and The Y.O.U crew maybe come join next time and find Your Own Understanding. Shout out to Sir Dre Gos behind the cam thank you for wathing this thank you for all the Luve you have given me.

~King RoD LuVe

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Much love and good vibes from Your Own Undertsanding, Hope you have a few seconds to read this and maybe take a step or two toward Y.O.U. Above are the signitaure Your Own Understanding beanies and seeing as we are in the city of rain this would suit you better than an umberella. With that being said stop by along with dope fashion Your Own Understanding Awaits.

-King ROD LuVE