Sara Pea

I am in love with this girl, her name is Sara Pea. She is skinny with freckles and has some of the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. The most beautiful thing about her is her heart it’s one of the biggest I’ve ever known. Once upon a time she made me her king and gave me a throne. Not made from material good but emotion & energy. So if it takes forever so be it, I will show my love what she meant to me. And no matter what happens it always feel like she’s my girl. My mom told me it’s cause I’m her universe and she’s my world. I don’t know why I’m writing this, Since we haven’t talked in months but I figured still out of anyone you would know where I’m coming from. I won’t write a novel even though their your favorite read, I just wanted to let you know that you are all I need. You know how to reach me if you need me, please know ill always be here. Seeing ad We still have some business in Madagascar my dear. This passage is about my soul mate the person god made for me. We all have one I just want the world to see.


The Life of RøD story

Much love good vibes to you guys, I guess these passages are gonna start getting longer I feel I’m being vague with you all but I’m wondering for you really care, or if anyone is reading this. So I guess I’m getting better at my expressing myself to you guys, well at-least I hope so. But back to The Life Of RoD story so one November morning my dad told me to pack all my clothes and belongings because we were going to take the grey hound to Washington State to live with my cousin Brian and his family. At first I thought we were going to washington D.C where Michael Jordan played but we going to where Gary Payton played.

Upon departure from Los Angeles we had to pass through skid row the notorious Homeless stretch in California. My father made a joke I will never forget he said “we always live here guys” and at the time I thought nothing of it and actually laughed. The sad truth was if we didn’t have the chance to leave skid row was a possibility for my family. Thinking back everyone in my family was stressed wayward and reeling for something better. My sister, brother, & I had developed a stealing habit, hanging out with gang members and smoking weed. It was only a matter of time before we would have been living the life full fledged. So in my mind this is the reason I feel the migration north to washington for my family was a blessing in disguise.

This was not the first time I would be leaving Los Angeles county or the state of California but it would be my first time leaving region of the southwest. This meaning that I would be seeing snow for the first time, feeling temperatures below 50 degrees. I had a feeling life was changing, I had no clue it would never be the same. The trip to Seattle, Wa was 29 hours by bus and when we arrived in washington it was raining. The next passage in the story is when I started the my transition from child to adolescent. If you been reading this far I thank you for having interest in the life of RoD. Much love good vibes peace unconditionally.


Keep moving

No matter what, no matter where keep pushing. Pushing toward something your heart desires and at all cost reach for it with both hands. There is no time like the present, everything happens for a reason you must do what you feel to become happy at all times.



Y.O.U. Celebration Hosted by King RoD LuVe




Wednesday, May 22, 2013 King RoD hits the stage 2 times in one night! First in Everett at Tony V’s Garage @ 9:30 Pm  then to Studio 7 in seattle for a 10:45 set! There will be 4 28 passenger party busses that will take me and my supporters from Tony V’s to Studio 7 and then back to a designated area. The trip will be catered and there is a Y.O.U. Gift BaG.  Ticket packages will be available tomorrow Thursday, May 9th @9:00 AM, The Most Love and Greatest Vibes to all. Peace Unconditional!

Y.O.U. Television

Y.O.U. Party

The Most love and and greatest vibrations to all thank you for checking out this commercial for Y.O.U televison and if you are in the industry just starting out needing work dont be afraid to inquire for any and all things multi media once…

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Y.O.U. Television

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The Most love and and greatest vibrations to all thank you for checking out this commercial for Y.O.U televison and if you are in the industry just starting out needing work dont be afraid to inquire for any and all things multi media once again the most love and greatest vibes to you and for inquires contact


The Life of RoD season 3 episode 5 coming soon!

Ok so we are back with episode 5 live in full effect super blunt sunday 2/17/13 check out YourOwnUnderstanding.bigcartel in the mean time get your Y.O.U gear and get pumped for my charity show for $eattle Childrens hospital april 5th at Tony V’s in DownTown Everett. Much Love and good vibes to all the lovers supports and those doing them to become happy.

-King RoD LuVe