Almost famous

What up? I know it’s been a while since the last post but I have really need the time to grow. Somethings have changed sons have stayed the same, but one thing is for sure I am almost to fame. People don’t know my name everywhere I go yet but the energy society gives me is one of admiration and respect. Truth be told up next. See you at the top..

Best regards,

King RoDney

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Welcome 2 America

Click the link below to watch the visual for the song Welcome 2 America by King RoD. Directed by Dre Lomack shot in Los Angeles, Ca this video was meant to be a show of effective mismanagement. something that had more holes than Swiss cheese but still had the same feeling  of the supple dairy product. This video sucks but the meaning is great if you can see it. So take a journey and look between the lines of a bullshit foundation, what do you see?

Watch Welcome 2 America

Thank you for taking the time to view this post, may the most love and greatest vibrations of life be with you!

Stay humble. Stay Y.O.U.

-King RoD

The IntRODuction

Take a listen to the introduction track from my debut EP The Life Of RoD. Give me some feed back on what you think what should my next Project sound like? comment music of your own if you would like an opinion.

Watch The Introduction by King RoD

Hope you enjoy and may the most love and greatest vibrations of life be with you. 🙂


Stay humble. Stay Y.O.U.

-King ROD

The Life of RøD story

Upon my arrival in Seattle it was raining. I had no clue what to expect, I knew it would be cold but I’ve never experienced that cold. We were staying with my cousin Brian his mother, & father. In a 2 bedroom apartment just outside Seattle to the south 15 minutes. Now that I think about it I don’t even remember thinking about coming back when I got there I thinks it’s because I knew what was going on, I knew my father was on the run from the law. Me and my brother where enrolled at hilltop elementary and my sister was enrolled in Tyee highschool with my cousin Brian. This was a very interesting time in my life I was yearning for normalcy and for a place in this world. I started to gain weight and my teeth which were never perfect began to get worse.My father was on the run from authorities in California so he had to keep a low profile. This was very hard for him to do seeing as he was using & selling drugs and not able to get a job because of his fugitive status. One morning he dropped us off at our school bus stop in his cousins van. He did not know that there was an A.P.B. on the vehicle because my cousin nick had been using the care for illegal activity. So as my bus traveled by my home I was witness to my father being arrested my brother lost control and tried to get of the bus I tried to stop him he began to hit me. The bus driver tried to break up the fight he began to hit him. This subsequently resulted in my brother not being able to ride the bus. My father was going to prison, that night I cried harder than I ever had in my life. I knew my family would never be the same.


The Life of RøD story

Much love good vibes to you guys, I guess these passages are gonna start getting longer I feel I’m being vague with you all but I’m wondering for you really care, or if anyone is reading this. So I guess I’m getting better at my expressing myself to you guys, well at-least I hope so. But back to The Life Of RoD story so one November morning my dad told me to pack all my clothes and belongings because we were going to take the grey hound to Washington State to live with my cousin Brian and his family. At first I thought we were going to washington D.C where Michael Jordan played but we going to where Gary Payton played.

Upon departure from Los Angeles we had to pass through skid row the notorious Homeless stretch in California. My father made a joke I will never forget he said “we always live here guys” and at the time I thought nothing of it and actually laughed. The sad truth was if we didn’t have the chance to leave skid row was a possibility for my family. Thinking back everyone in my family was stressed wayward and reeling for something better. My sister, brother, & I had developed a stealing habit, hanging out with gang members and smoking weed. It was only a matter of time before we would have been living the life full fledged. So in my mind this is the reason I feel the migration north to washington for my family was a blessing in disguise.

This was not the first time I would be leaving Los Angeles county or the state of California but it would be my first time leaving region of the southwest. This meaning that I would be seeing snow for the first time, feeling temperatures below 50 degrees. I had a feeling life was changing, I had no clue it would never be the same. The trip to Seattle, Wa was 29 hours by bus and when we arrived in washington it was raining. The next passage in the story is when I started the my transition from child to adolescent. If you been reading this far I thank you for having interest in the life of RoD. Much love good vibes peace unconditionally.


Y.O.U. Woman’s Tank / Y.O.U. Your Own Understanding Multi Media


The life of RøD story

Inglewood, Ca is where we pick up on our story. This is the part of my life when I discovered marijuana, well I wasn’t alone in this aspect of discovery my brother who is 17 months younger was my partner on this adventurous discovery. My first encounter with weed was April 4th, 2000 I was 7 soon to be 8 in May my brother was only 6. The strand of weed we smoked was called OCK Orange County Kush I felt like I was floating but that crash came down suddenly when my brother was getting beat for being high. He had gotten caught and it really sucked but was I supposed to say beat me too? I should have but never did.  So what did I do I just got along while getting high, at 8. The outside world had no clue or care, simply because I was quiet, I didn’t bother, or bug. My parents were very deep in drugs at the time and seem to not care about my drug use or even notice. My father went to jail again leaving my mother to take care of the whole family, my grandma kicked us out leaving our family on the streets moving to motel to motel. My mother asked my grand father for help and he told her to give us up for adoption. Life was not ok. It was not fair. It was wrong. Then out of no where the universe acted….