Almost famous

What up? I know it’s been a while since the last post but I have really need the time to grow. Somethings have changed sons have stayed the same, but one thing is for sure I am almost to fame. People don’t know my name everywhere I go yet but the energy society gives me is one of admiration and respect. Truth be told up next. See you at the top..

Best regards,

King RoDney

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Back With Good News(Welcome 2 America)



If Your reading this thank you for all your support please keep doing what your doing. Alice in wonderland has over 300 plays in 3 days please go listen to that if you havenent and i released Welcome 2 America last night and i know its in store for a big friday all across the globe. They say life is the best when its the worst meanings all things happen simultaneously, with that sai please please please in the spirit of the god father of soul james brown please dont go from your dreams or hearts desire’s you are only hurting your self. i say this all while praising every moment you have supported me i would be where i am in mind, body or spirit without you please dont stop fillin me up the way you do….thats what she said hahahah but on the real keep ya head up i gotta bout until next time.

Much Luve and Good vibes to you E.T.H.F.A.R