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 Come be apart of The Life Of RoD in Hollywood, see the founder of Your Own Understanding spread the message of Self Education, support, & unconditional love. Click the Link below to purhasce tickets for this Y.O.U. Event! The first 20 tickets come with a Y.O.U. Bucket Hat!  


Tickets for The Life Of RoD in Hollywood  

The Life Of RoD Ep

The Life Of RoD In Hollywood

Y.O.U. Multi Media presents
     The Life Of RoD in HollyWooD



               June 14th, 2015

                      7:00 PM

          1652 N. Cherokee Blvd 

               Los Angeles, CA

Come Out and support the founder of Y.O.U. Multi Media spread messages about self education, support & unconditional love through music. 

Tickets for The Life Of RoD In HOLLYWOOD

The Life Of RoD Ep

Peace Unconditional


You say goodbye, and I say hello. The most love and greatest vibes to all especially those reading these words. I say to you life is Your Own Understanding and inevitably what you make it. With that said the time is now to spread love and create unseen vibrations to bring about an unconditional peace for the human race. I feel it and you feel it a change is coming, and the only question is what side are you on? So I leave with this in hopes of helping your decision, peace is love, love is happiness and happiness helps the circle of life.

Yours truly,
~King RoD LuVe