Spacewalk – King RoD

My newest visual for my newest song spacewalk released 6.8.15 Thank you very much for visiting the site, watching the video and giving support to my self educated ways of showing unconditional love. May The Force of much love & good vibes be with you.

The Life Of RoD Season 4

man I’m getting really excited just doing these promos are getting me so anxious for this season. Go listen to T.H.C. By King RoD If you want to here the full song from the video

T.H.C.~King RoD

The Life Of RoD Season 3

Even though it’s not Thursday inlew of The Life Of RoD Season 4 coming 6/28/15 I decided to Post one of my favorite episodes from season 3.


The Life of RoD Season 4

The Life Of RoD season 4

coming 6/28/15

may the force of unconditional love be with you (:

The Life Of RoD Seaoson 4

coming 6/28/15

presented by Y.O.U. Televizion

The Life Of RoD Season 4

Inagural Sunday Video

This is the first of many videos coming your way. Happy first day of summer & fathers day.

much love & good vibes:)

comment your thoughts below:)

Black Caesar-Young Contra


Released 12/11/13 Black Caesar is the 2nd album of 2013 and the 4th overall project from 27 year old, American Musician Young Contra. He hails from Los Angeles and never let’s a chance escape him to let his listeners know about his neighborhood “Crest Side” which is located in the vicinity of Crenshaw and Adams In Los Angeles. Black Caesar however is a offering that fans will appreciate both because of the lyrical wordplay and new age feel his melodies carry. With that said my favorite track on the project was 50/50 because what that track told me is that the streets are warming up with a three musketeers feel in which the old code is dead and it truly is all for one and one for all. But listen for yourself and give some feed back it’s worth the listen I give it 5/7 stars I felt that more tracks would have made this an instant classic. So with that said Black Caesar awaits below please enjoy!



J-Dot (Moore Is Better)

Check out another prodigy from Compton J-dot Moore and his official tape Moore is better and show him some love and vibrations by bumping his tape follow him at twitter @JdotMoore Much love and good vibes

Moore is Better The mixtape

Happy Birthday Dre

Today is the day of DRE! Its is his BIRTHDAY and if you would be kind enough to send him some love that would be the dopest so in homage to the Head director of Y.O.U. Multi Media heres is some of his most glorious work!