To Live Or Die

Why do we die?

Why are we alive?

There have been certain times

In my life I would have sworn

I knew the reason why

But as time passes by

I must admit not even I

Could give a comprehensive

1st grade view

of the meaning

Of life

Somewhere between love

And spirits in the sky

This cold world

Leaves my soul

Feeling contradicted

And compromised

Wether things are beneath

My standard

Or for me

Their bar is to high

Day by day

I feel parts

Of my mind


And soul die

27 years ago

I was pure light

Now in these days and time

I continuously contemplate

If my life worth living

Or should I just hurry up and die.

Hopefully this is only bye

For a night, until next time

Or Not..



Best regards



Spacewalk – King RoD

My newest visual for my newest song spacewalk released 6.8.15 Thank you very much for visiting the site, watching the video and giving support to my self educated ways of showing unconditional love. May The Force of much love & good vibes be with you.

The Life Of RoD Season 4

man I’m getting really excited just doing these promos are getting me so anxious for this season. Go listen to T.H.C. By King RoD If you want to here the full song from the video

T.H.C.~King RoD

The Life Of RoD Season 3

Even though it’s not Thursday inlew of The Life Of RoD Season 4 coming 6/28/15 I decided to Post one of my favorite episodes from season 3.


The Life of RoD Season 4

The Life Of RoD season 4

coming 6/28/15

may the force of unconditional love be with you (:

Inagural Sunday Video

This is the first of many videos coming your way. Happy first day of summer & fathers day.

much love & good vibes:)

comment your thoughts below:)



There comes a time when our vision changes and things look differently. You begin to look at the world with new eyes and hear it new ears. As things change and you leave one life to begin another always know that everything happens for a reason and that the path you are going down my be a scary one because of its newness and tremendous adversities but know that in the face of it allbyou will be great, you will overcome, & there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Know this because you already have think about this what I have just said my peace unconditionally be with you much love & good vibes.


Peter Mueller

The following post is dedicated to a young man named Peter Mueller, whom I consider a great friend and teacher to me on my path of self education. The time that we spent with each other could never be replaced or supplemented. I can truly say that you would not know me in the capacity in which you do if not for this man and his contributions to me. So I’m writing this to give thanks to a true human and teacher. Much love & good vibes Pete may you have peace unconditionally