Spacewalk – King RoD

My newest visual for my newest song spacewalk released 6.8.15 Thank you very much for visiting the site, watching the video and giving support to my self educated ways of showing unconditional love. May The Force of much love & good vibes be with you.

The Life Of RoD Season 4

man I’m getting really excited just doing these promos are getting me so anxious for this season. Go listen to T.H.C. By King RoD If you want to here the full song from the video

T.H.C.~King RoD

The Life of RoD Season 4

The Life Of RoD season 4

coming 6/28/15

may the force of unconditional love be with you (:

The Life Of RoD Seaoson 4

coming 6/28/15

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The Life Of RoD Season 4

Inagural Sunday Video

This is the first of many videos coming your way. Happy first day of summer & fathers day.

much love & good vibes:)

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The life of RøD story

The life of RoD story

I started the writing of these passages titled The Life of RoD story to try and give anyone who cared to read a background on me. But thinking about it, I couldn’t begin to give you a literal picture of myself nor do I want to. The past is the past and while it’s good to have memories and remember it’s never good to live in the past. So with that being said if your reading this I regret to inform that an autobiography about me probably will never come some memories I must take to the grave. What I will tell you is that from her on in it is my duty to talk to you. I will tell you every thing from this day forward, and this time that we have now will always be remembered because we have a connection, energy, & most of all love.


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The Life of RøD story

Everett was very different from every other place I had lived in my life. My mom didn’t lock the doors, there were no bars on the windows, the only helicopters I seen were from the police now I was seeing personal ones. I had meet this girl she was the first kind person I had meet and through her I began to meet more friends of similar nature. I failed all of my classes the first year of middle school, I was in detention nearly every day. My father was still in jail. Looking back I felt like I was waiting for everything to go back to normal so I had no enthusiasm about being a scholar. When I figured out that I would probably never come back to California I tried to fix my mind around this and adapt to my situation. One day I was walking home from school and I meet Alex Tiff he lived around the corner from me and what connected us at first was the type of music we listen to. I was very happy to meet him and share as many interest as we did. Plus outside of Julia I didn’t have many other friends. I didn’t have a cell phone like many of the other kids so I wasn’t as connected in the loop but the moments I shared with people I had meet were genuine and innocent. Seventh grade brought lots of change sports were now an option my dad was up for parole things were again changing.


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